Friday, March 23, 2012

Vertebrate Classification

We have now completed the study of the five types of vertebrates.  The children have explored the different types and were able to have a concrete experience with an animal in each category.  For the mammal we had a gentle therapy dog come in for a visit.  For the fish category we have a fish in our classroom (and now a new BIG one!) and we also purchased one from the fish market so the children could see the laterals line/gills etc up close.  We had a gecko visit for the reptiles and African water frogs for the amphibians.  The owl visit from the science center was a wonderful way to see a bird up close.  (Please see previous posts!)

We wanted to compare these five types of vertebrates.  The children were able to use small figures and categorize them into the different types.

It is slightly confusing to understand that all of these creatures have some common features.  They ALL have backbones.  So to help this understanding we had an example of an invertebrate: the common garden worm! 
Right now digging up worms is a popular activity so we brought some into the classroom.
Because the children care for these creatures, they wanted to make sure they were not dried up and wanted to add water. To make sure it was not a mud bath, we let them add 5 drops of water each.  This was fun because they also were able to use the small eye dropper!

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