Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Continent of Africa

In geography, we have moved on to the continent of Africa!  Here are some things we have done so far.
The children have colored maps of Africa.  The children can really see how many countries are in this big continent! They have also begun exploring our continent puzzle map.
Flag matching is always fun!  Here the children can see all of the different flags, they are beautiful! Some children choose to make their own flags, and if you are at a Kindergarten level (or most afternooners) you may choose to make ALL the flags for a book!!!
One flag.
All of the flags!  We will make these into a book. (Just like Asia- see previous post.)
We have played with beautiful African animals.  The children love to manipulate these animals, they are soft and fuzzy.
We have some African beads and a beautiful bowl.

We have really been enjoying dancing to the Putumayo World Music from Africa too!

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