Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Extension of sensorial work

To draw back some of the older children to our sensorial work, we offer extensions.  We gave a lesson with the same material but added the use of a blindfold!  This child now increased her sense of touch and by completing this work without the sense of sight and allowed her hands to do all of the work!  Most children will do the cylinder block work using only their dominant hand.  They pick up the cylinders and along with using the visual sense, replace them in the proper areas.  When this child decided to complete this work, she first began by using only her right hand.  After a bit we suggested using both hands together to help each other out.  It was fascinating to watch and many children waited for the blindfold to be put back on the shelf so they could take their turn! 

Bits of work here and there...

 wind power!
 using the moveable alphabet to spell words
 a game of mancala
 collage work with liquid starch
making a potato battery

The Study of Europe

We have been studying the continent of Europe and some countries for the past few weeks. 
 Besides the continent puzzle maps, many children like to complete the flag pinning work. 
 Some children are interested in making a flag book of all of the countries in Europe.
 We also try to make and taste food from the various areas.  On this day we made pizzas!
 We also have many concrete objects and pictures from many of the countries in Europe.  Here a child wears wooden shoes. 
A goal is to have the child experience and absorb a little of the culture from each continent. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

More circuit work!

 Since we have worked with may circuits, we decided to introduce Snap Circuits to the afternoon children.  Some children are able to read the directions on their own and snap on the pieces to make the circuit complete.  The best is when it does not work and they have to figure out why!
This is a great activity that demonstrates the idea of circuits.  The children can make a light bulb turn on, play happy birthday and sound a siren amongst other things. 
This activity can be bought at many toy stores.  One child said, "It says age 8!  We are five and we can do this!!" 

sewing a pillow

Sewing work continues!  Several children asked to sew again and we came up with pillow sewing. First the pattern is drawn on the pillow.  The pins are added to hold the material in place.  As the child sews past the pin, it is taken out and placed in the pin cushion.
Once most of the pillow is sewn up, it is turned inside out and stuffing is added.
The child sews along the outside edge and a pillow is made! 
This activity requires strong fine motor skills, concentration and patience! 

" Our aim is not merely to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core. " - Dr. Montessori

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Color mixing

 This past week we explored color mixing.  We first use the pipettes to place drops of the colored water (red, blue and yellow) onto the template.
Once the colors are on the dots, gently stir with a toothpick to blend the colors together.
 Place a paper towel over the top.  This must be done with care! (and make sure the child writes their name on the towel.)
Pick up the paper towel and see the amazing color wheel!  

Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world.
-Maria Montessori

Images from this past week

It was the week before spring break but we were still busy! 
Some children worked on the Teen Board!
 Some practiced their reading.
 Some children made these lovely bags of yarn scraps to help the birds make their nests! (We then took a walk and hung them on some branches nearby!)
 Some children learned how to do embroidery!