Monday, March 5, 2012

Mortar and Pestle work

Another kitchen tool that has become quite popular in the practical life area is the mortar and pestle.  We decided to crush graham crackers which is a fun thing to do.  We used the crumbs to make "the best snack ever!"  First, the child uses the mortar and pestle to crush the cracker (1/4 of a cracker).  They place the crumbs in the blue bowl and then cut the banana into small slices with the dull knife.  Using a toothpick, they dip a slice of banana into the crushed graham cracker and eat.  This was the highest ranked snack/food preparation item so far!

We ended up having so many crushed graham crackers, we made cheesecake!  This recipe is not too difficult, the afternoon children all helped!

We served the cheesecake to the morning children the next day.  We had mixed reviews on this one.
Here is the recipe:

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