Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tying a shoe!

After the dressing frame (tying frame) was demonstrated, we decided to tie a new pair of shoes! 
It is always easier to practice with the shoes off first.  Cross the laces.
Make a loop and hold at the bottom.  Make sure to leave enough lace. 
Wrap the other loop around, pull through the small hole and voila!
This is a lot harder than it seems and can be quite frustrating, especially if the child is not ready.  In this case, the child was really ready and asking for help.  In this day, most children have slip on shoes but at some point they will need to have a pair of gym shoes which are almost always tie shoes.  This is a important practical life skill to learn.  If the child is ready and has the fine motor skills, a new pair of shoes can be really motivating! 

There is an old song about tying shoes. 

Tying Shoes
(Sung to Splish Splash I was taking a Bath)

Criss Cross and go under the bridge
Then you got to pull it tight.
Make a loop but keep a long tail
That is how to do it right
Then you take the other string
and you wrap it 'round the loop
Pull it through the hole
Now you got the scoop

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