Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fifth Vertebrate - Amphibians

We have studied the other four types of vertebrates (mammals, fish, birds and reptiles) and are now on our last one- amphibians. 
We read the children a book which helped to explain about the types and characteristics of amphibians.
Some of the children have chosen to make a "parts of the frog" book.  These books show the part colored in which isolates the part.  Some can write the words on their own and others need help.  They thought it was funny when "tail" came up but nothing was colored in.  This gave us an opportunity to talk again about how the frogs loose their tail as they progress in their life cycle.
We had a visit from our friend "big" Sophia (a fifth grader) who brought her African Dwarf Water Frogs in to see us.  This was so great, the children loved having a concrete experience of a real animal.  Sophia showed us how she feeds her frogs. 
We also made frog prints.  We gave a lesson to the afternoon children about print making and decided the morning children might like to make frog prints.
They are really cute!
The children also matched cards with various types of amphibians.

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