Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Using the Golden Bead Material- Math!

The beauty of Montessori Math!
We were lucky enough to have a pair of students join us from out East this year.  The older child (Kindergarten age) is in his third year of Montessori.  He and one of our same age but second year children worked with the Golden Beads to complete some addition work.  Here you can see the culmination of the Montessori math work that has prepared them to this point. 
 First they laid out the large numbers on a rug.
 They brought their trays over and were each given a small number to take to the bank and gather the bead materials on their tray. 
 They both carefully place the numbers down next to the beads.  Here they see each addend in quantity and symbolic form. 
After the addends are placed, the beads are then "brought down" to the bottom.  They begin in the units and use the large numbers to "write" the sum.
If a child is given the opportunity to stay for several years in a Montessori environment you are able to see so many things come together.  Here they complete static addition in the thousands.  The next day these children completed dynamic addition the same way! 

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