Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Making Cookies

Tis the season for baking!  On Thursday afternoons, the children are beginning to make cookie dough for baking on Friday morning.  So far we have made sugar cookies and oatmeal cookies. 
 First the children put on an apron and wash their hands.  Then they take a piece of dough and put it on the floured surface.  Using the rolling pin, they flatten the dough.

 A cookie cutter is used and then with a small spatula, they transfer the cookie to the baking pan. For the oatmeal cookies, we flattened with a fork before transferring to a pan.

Once there are enough cookies on the pan, a teacher will take the pan into the kitchen to bake the cookies.  Our school smells wonderful and before we head outside to play, everyone enjoys the fruits of their labor together!   They have all learned to wait until everyone is served before eating. 
                                                                       Bon Appetit!

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