Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Final Vertebrate Study- Fish

As we were studying fish last week, we decided to have one of our own in the classroom.  His or her name is Snowflake (or Snowfluke depending on who you ask) and is fun to watch and feed. 
We like to give the children a concrete example of what it is we are taking about and they can see Snowflake's fins and gills. 

We also introduced fish matching cards.
As we did last year, we brought in a large, dead fish to look at the parts up close.  The children were very interested in the large eye and most wanted to touch it!  (Don't worry, they washed their hands!)
We then discussed all of the parts and many children made parts of a fish book.
We then demonstrated how to make a fish print and let the children paint the fish!  This activity only lasted two days as the fish began to not smell so fresh! 
Since the fish had seen better days, we decided to show the children the internal organs.  Some were very curious about the different internal parts as they had already found out about the external parts. 



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