Saturday, November 3, 2012

Short Bead Frame

The blend of ages in a Montessori classroom is amazing.  We have 2 1/2 to five year olds this year and it is such a lovely mix.  Since we have Kindergarten aged children, it is important to keep them challenged and progressing along the learning path!  Here this child is doing static (without change) addition in the thousands with the help of the small bead frame.  This child has progressed through many of the brilliant Montessori math materials and is now ready to add numbers in the thousands.  This apparatus helps the child add in a concrete way.  Soon he will begin to add in the thousands abstractly but for now this helps him to complete many equations without stress and the demands of jumping to abstraction.  This helps the child to truly understand how he is coming up with the sum of the two addends.  He will complete dynamic addition soon which is when he has to borrow.  The same materials will be used.

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