Sunday, November 11, 2012

Large Number Rods- Associating quantity with the symbol

When we talk about associating the quantity with the symbol in mathematics, this is what we mean!  A child can often count by rote memory but may not understand how many are in eight or five.  We use the larget number rods to help the child first understand one to one correspondence.  When they count the rods, they are to touch each red or blue area.  This demonstrates each is one.  Usually when beginning this task they count and skip over an area or two so they end up at 5 when it is the 8 rod.  We give the child a lesson with a few rods at first and then increase the number.  Once they understand this concept, we introduce the symbol which is the number.  Once the child has learned all of the numbers, we put it together.  Here the child has placed the rods randomly on the rug.  He counts slowly, "one, two, three, four!" He then finds the symbol or the number and places it on the rod.  Now he understands symbol and quantity! 

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