Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Following the Child" An example

In order to maintain interest in a task such as using the moveable alphabet and writing, sometimes a teacher has to find ways to motivate the child.  (Especially children who are very capable and do not like to make a mistake!)  This can be done by finding something they are interested in such as sewing and making it into something that also involves a "work" they should begin to do as well.  We have several children interested in sewing and decided to have them sew a "stuffed animal" as long a they wrote a story about it at the end. 
 First up was drawing the creation on paper. 
 The child then cut out the animal and we traced onto material.  We used a hoop to make the fabric stable while the child sewed their animal.  While doing this the child is thinking about their character, title, story line, etc for their book.
Here is a photo of the first stuffed animal!  This child wrote a story by telling me the words to write but has now been using the moveable alphabet!  We have three other stuffed animal creations and stories going.  They may be done by the end of this month!  Exciting!!

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