Saturday, November 3, 2012

Afternoon Work

 As an extension of reptile work the afternoon children began a study of dinosaurs.  We have many, many books about dinosaurs and also have a 5 year old dinosaur expert in the class!  After reading a book introducing dinosaurs, we showed the children these x-rays of dinosaur skeletons.  This proved they were vertebrates as well as we could see the backbone.  The children really enjoyed turning the light out and turning on the flashlight to see the skeleton. 
 We introduced two dinosaurs a day with a small model and a paper to color.
 We used the Dinopedia to read about the specific dinosaur we were talking about.  We learned about herbivores and carnivores as well!

As another extension of reptile study, we took a field trip to the Great Lakes Zoological Society to see many examples of real reptiles!

 Feeling a shedded snake skin!
 Blue tongued skink!
Another Gecko.  This one is just hanging around!
Afternoon children are usually ages 4 and 5 who are ready for more intensive study of the topics we are talking about in the morning.  We also learn more math, language and science in the afternoons!

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