Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yarn Wrapping

As another fine motor activity, we decided to present yarn wrapping.  The children will experience this activity again in the Fall when we study apples and pumpkins.  The children first choose what color yarn they would like to use and also a pipe cleaner.
Then they wrapped the yarn around a small piece of cardboard.  This was challenging for some as it requires them to hold one hand steady and wrap the yarn with the other hand.  The yarn has to be easily pulled through the wrapping hand. 
When they were done wrapping we slid the pipe cleaner down through the middle and removed the cardboard. 
The children pulled up the pipecleaner and twisted it to form a little ball.
Some children loved this activity and repeated it many times.  The concentration demonstrated during this task was amazing.  Montessori practical life activities provide many opportunities for children to develop their ability to concentrate.

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