Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Butterflies Emerge

The butterflies hatched! 
One day we saw the upper part of the chrysalis become very light in color.  We said good morning to the children and looked at the chrysalids again... there was a butterfly!  This was very exciting for the children to see! 

We prepared some sugar solution.  3 teaspoons of sugar mixed with one cup of water.  We added this to some cut flowers so the butterfly could have something to eat.
That afternoon another butterfly emerged.
We made sure to feed the butterflies!

The following day we decided to let the two be free in their "natural habitat." Some of the children were sad but others thought it was a good idea for them to be in their own home!
The children waved goodbye!! 
Now we notice all of the butterflies when we go outside!

The children were able to witness the entire metamorphosis except the egg stage. They know so much about this process from observing, creating their own life cycle crafts and books and listening to us read them many fact based books on the life cycle of a butterfly.
                                                      Dr. Montessori would be proud!

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