Saturday, May 5, 2012

Still in Europe- England

We had moved on from Holland and studied a bit of England last week.  The children engaged in many activities from coloring and learning about the St. George's cross (the Flag of England) to singing songs from England and making scones and having a tea party at the end of the week. 

The afternoon children made scones and then ate some as a snack.  They were able to practice their spreading skills with butter and jam!  (Sorry, no clotted cream here much to our disappointment!)
Later in the week we decorated hats to wear to the "tea" party.  We used a plastic bowl, punched a hole on either side, cut the middle out of a paper plate and taped them together.  The children decorated then we used white yarn to tie together.  Everyone made a hat and were so excited about wearing them to the party.
We had scones with jam, sliced grapes, tea sandwiches (the children helped to prepare these by spreading the cream cheese on the sandwiches) and lemonade which was our tea.
It was fun to have our tea party on Friday.  We were able to practice our Grace and Courtesy as always during the tea party.  We waited until everyone was served to begin eating or drinking, when asking for more we used please and thank you.  At the end of the party, the children were able to clean up independently.  It was a great week in England! 

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