Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making Salad Dressing

In our food preparation area, we introduced the children to salad dressing.  They were very excited about trying to make it on their own.  Into the bowl, we shook olive oil from a bottle and then added lemon juice in equal amounts.  The children then added a bit of brown sugar and used the whisk.  They have used this tool in the past so they were able to whisk without assistance. 
After the dressing was whisked, we added home grown tender spinach leaves to the bowl and "tossed."
We used tongs (again, another tool they have used in the past and are able to use independently now) to transfer the salad to the bowl for eating. 
The children then ate the salad.  We were once again surprised to see how many children ate their own spinach salad.  It is wonderful to see these children eating healthy food!

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