Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our third vertebrate study- birds!

We have already studied two vertebrates: mammals and fish (please see previous posts). We are now on to our third vertebrate: birds! We have so many activities to reinforce the information of the characteristics of birds. Birds have feathers, they lay eggs, most build nests and can fly. We begin this by coloring a book about birds and discussing these features. Along with the bird book, we have small models of birds the children can look at and interact with while coloring their book.
We like to have various art and practical life activities that focus on what we are studying. Here we have bird feather gluing. The children are able to touch and feel the feathers while experiencing a practical activity like gluing.

We also have some sewing cards related to birds. This helps the child practice their sewing skills and adds a point of interest.

What do birds eat??? Some eat seeds and to help understand this concept, we made pinecone bird feeders! We gathered pinecones outside, placed on a tray, spread shortening, rolled in bird seed, attached a pipe cleaner and took home for the birds to enjoy!

Our afternoon children made muffins on Tuesday with sunflower seeds on top. We talked about what birds eat and decided to sprinkle some seeds on the top of our muffins! They also had banana and coconut inside. Yum!

We have many more bird activities coming! Stay tuned! We are working on a real bird experience!

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