Friday, January 20, 2012

Nest Building

No, we are not birds but we are studying them! (Please see earlier post about our third veretbrate- birds) After discussing how some birds build nests, we decided to try building some of our own. The afternooners or extended day children decided to build big ones for eggs we would be making. First we went outside and collected natural items that birds could use in a nest.
We then headed inside with baskets full of sticks, pine needles etc. We added paper, yarn and other items. Using a paper bowl wrapped in a plastic bag, we layered watered down glue, sticks, paper and the other items over and over.
For the morning children, we used smaller bowls wrapped in a sandwich bag and shredded paper.
After we built our nests, we left them to dry.

Today, we sent home the big and smaller nests. The children placed eggs we made and painted inside their nests.

This was a project that took several days and some drying time. It is pretty easy to build a nest. Just make sure to use watered down glue and some plastic bags so the glue will not stick. This experience gave the children a hands on experience of nests, they really seemed to enjoy the process.

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