Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Erasing Work

In the Montessori practical life curriculum we have specific activities that are out for children to work with to increase their skills in many areas. We also must 'follow the child.' This is a crucial part of the Montessori philosophy. There is no erasing work set out for us but we created one as we saw children interested in erasing! We created this work by placing papers with pencil marks, a big eraser on a tray and a big paint brush. The children take the paper, place it on the tray and use the eraser. Once the paper is erased, they take the tray to the trash can and brush the remains away. They can then take the paper home or recycle it. While we have specific skills we focus on in our class, we also feel it is important to comply with what Dr. Montessori said - "always follow the child."

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