Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We are continuing our study of birds this week. Today we made more birds nests which will be discussed in a future post. Although we are discussing different characteristics of birds as a whole such as where they live and what they eat, we are also looking and listening to a different bird each day. We are creating a bird book that the children will have at the end of our study. We have a special book that has illustrations of birds and a button to push to hear how they sound. Each day the children look forward to what the bird of the day is and request to push the button to listen to the bird. They look at pictures of the birds and color their own page while listening to the sounds that bird makes.

We have also been "birding" by looking out of the window with the binoculars. This is a popular activity but requires us to initially demonstrate how to use the binoculars.

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