Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Transferring water with a ladle

As we had our soup last week for our Thanksgiving lunch, we adults were the ones scooping out the soup with the ladle.  This week we wanted to give the children the opportunity to practice this skill with water.  After taking their work to the table, they used our child sized ladle and transferred the water in the big bowl to a smaller bowl.  This work has been repeated many times with such concentration and attention.

Again, another practical life activity.  In a few short months, the children can do so many real life activities such as pouring themselves a glass of water.  Very satisifying for them to be able to do these activites on their own without adult assistance!  Try this activity at home, they will love it!  (We also add a little food coloring to the water to make it a little more exciting!)

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