Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mystery Bags

A while back we talked about the stereognostic sense. (See previous post titled: Geometric Solids) This is when we can recognize something by the movement of the muscles in our hand.  We use this sense when feeling the geometric solids and many of the other Montessori works.  The Mystery Bags is another way for children (and adults when working with the children) to increase this sense. 
Two people sit at at table.  Both have bags full of matching solid objects. 
One person pulls out an object and shows it to the other person.  That person then has to reach in their bag and pull out the matching object.  NO PEEKING! 
It can take a while to feel for the object but they usually find it without assistance. 
The children love to play this game with a friend. 

You can do this at home with matching objects, even using items such as: spoons, erasers, keys etc...  Just make sure the items match in each bag and the child cannot see through the bags.  This activity is for the hands only. 

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