Monday, November 14, 2011


If you are wondering why your child is coming home with puffs of white in their hair it is due to sifting!  We have a small, child sized sifter and have shown the children the process of sifting flour. 

The child puts on a small apron to cover their clothes and takes the work to a table.  They then take the lid off the flour tin and put a few scoops of flour into the sifter. 
They sift and sift and sift, sometimes tapping on the side of the sifter to get the flour off the sides.  If they run out, they may put more in the sifter. 
They sift for as long as they wish and then carry the small bowl with the newly sifted flour and carefully pour it into the large bowl stationed on the bottom of the shelf. 
This is an activity that provides many opportunities to sweep the floor, wipe up the table etc.  We will be baking something yummy with the sifted flour soon! 

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