Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tea with a friend!

We begin the experience of having tea with a friend by preparing the tea.  Here the child uses a mortar and pestle (which they have worked with in the past) to crush up the dried mint leaves. They place the crushed leaves in the container.  This is a nice smelling work!
Set up on a separate table, the children have an opportunity to invite a friend to "tea."  A demonstration was given introducing the appropriate words and also how to serve the tea.
One child has invited the other to have tea.  He takes the ground mint leaves and places two scoops into the French press. 
The guest is allowed to pump the warm water from the carafe into the pot.  Then, they wait and let the tea "steep."  They are able to identify when the water turns slightly green which helps them understand it will taste good!
During this time, we have demonstrated a basic grace and courtesy lesson: how to make conversation! Some children have really taken this to heart and have been heard asking their friend how their day is going and also if they like their tea.  They have also asked if they care for more tea as well.
At the end of tea, the children understand they must prepare this work for their friends.  They take the dishes to the sink, wash and then dry.  When they are finished, they set the table up for the next people to use. 
This is truly heart warming, civilized and sweet!


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