Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moving to Europe

Our final continent of the school year is Europe.  We decided to study the country of Holland or the Netherlands as our first country within Europe.  We were lucky enough to find wooden shoes for the children to try on and walk around a rug. 
We also had many small objects representing Holland such as a tiny ceramic white and blue windmill and figurines of Dutch children. 
We wanted the children to try some of the food associated with Holland.  We always take an opportunity like this to practice a practical life skill. 
Using the cheese cutter they are so familiar with, the children cut Gouda cheese and ate it with crackers.
We then offered a waffle cutting work.  We made waffles and did what the Dutch do, apply whipped cream!
The children were able to practice their cutting skills with a knife and fork.
They ate the waffles!

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