Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Environment - Making our own paper and recycled sculptures

As it is Earth Day tomorrow, we introduced the children to a variety of activities which links us to the environment and the natural world.   As children in this period of development (3-6) think more concretely, our environmentalism is shown in real life activities we can do.  Besides putting things in the recycle bin so it won't go into the trash cans, we added new activities this week to show how to reuse materials. 
                                                       Paper making was very popular!
We had extra construction paper (bought from a thrift shop) that was used in another activity.  We had the children rip it into pieces and use those pieces for paper making.  They begin by taking a few pieces of paper and putting them into a bowl.
Add water and blend.  It forms a 'slurry.'
Place two pieces of mesh over a coffee can.  Place another can that has no top or bottom over the top. 
Pour the slurry through the top can and let the water drain through.
Take off the top can.
Take the bottom coffee can away and put on the table.
Place big sponge on top, soak up and then squeeze out (several times) excess water in coffee can.
Put on paper plate to dry.
The result: beautiful paper they made themselves! 

The afternooners decided to make recycled art sculptures.
Things, glue and imagination.
Some of the results- amazing sculptures!

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