Friday, February 10, 2012

Reading - Sight words

Now that this child can read 3 letter c-v-c words independently, we have introduced some basic sight words so she can read phrases and sentences. Here she is making her own sight word book to practice at home. Her parents will help her practice. Sight words simply have to memorized as most are not phonetic. In order to progress to reading phrases and sentences with three letter c-v-c words, she will have to read a few words that are not phonetic such as I and for. 
Combining her phonetic knowledge and her sight words she will confidently move into reading phrases, sentences and books that really address phonetic learning such as the Bob series.  From here we move onto learning more phonetic based sounds that contain two or more letters such as sk and tw.  She will have the phonetic skills and add these before moving onto phonograms.

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