Thursday, February 2, 2012

More India!

Our special visitors came to tell us about India! They brought puppets, clothes, and food!
We made pani puri which had a filling of lightly seasoned potatoes. The children peeled the potatoes, mashed and added salt. They then filled the pani puri.
All of the children ate these treats and several asked for seconds.
After our snack, we looked at pictures of their recent trip to Jaipur to visit with friends and family. We saw photos of them riding camels and an elephant. They even got to see a snake which is a reptile (like we are studying right now)!
We learned how to say Hello which is Namaste! We folded our hands too.
Since big sister came, we also did some Bollywood style dancing! This was really fun!!!
Thank you!!! We learned so much and had a great visit!!

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