Tuesday, February 7, 2012

India crafts

During our week studying India, we had been coloring Rangoli designs in the morning and decided to try to use colored sand to make the real thing. It was not difficult to do, we printed off designs, painted glue on the different areas and then gently sprinkled on sand. Some decided to make a design and others just wanted the colored sand all over their design. They had a lot of fun exploring the colors.
The morning children had an opportunity to make their own rangoli as well.
We also made diyas which are used to hold a candle in India. Usually these are heart shaped as the wick hangs over the edge and oil is used. For children using a tealight is safer. We used our special clay and made a ball. We then flattened the clay a bit and pressed in a tea light.
After a few days when the paint was dry, we painted with sparkly gold paint and will put in a tea light.

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