Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Water transfer with a pipette

During Thanksgiving time we put out a work with a baster in the practical life area as we thought they may see someone basting a turkey.  To do this we used a child-sized baster and two bowls, one with colored water.  The children were able to figure out how to suck up the water with the baster and then move it (transfer)  to the other bowl.  We have now progressed to transferring water with a pipette.   This is a bit of a challenge as they have to demonstrate a great deal of control while squeezing the pipette - only one drop!

With repetition, the children are able to gain that control and most are now managing to get the drops in each little area. 

Transferring is fun to do and can be a great at home activity.  You could use a large turkey baster and two bowls.  Make sure to show the child how to use the baster, that is always the tricky part. 

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