Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mammal study- visit from a special dog named Raven

As a continuation of the vertebrate studies, we have now begun the study of mammals.  The children have looked at cards of mammals, we have pointed them out in our environment (humans, squirrels, deer) and have now had a visit from a friendly, specially trained therapy dog named Raven.  Some children brought in photos of their mammal pets to show the rest of the class.  To enhance the whole experience, the children could choose to match picture cards with the various parts of a dog. 
A few made their own 'parts of a dog' booklet to take home. 
At the end of our morning time, Joan and Raven stopped by for a visit.  The children sat on the floor and took turns petting Raven and were able to have a very concrete experience with a mammal other than ourselves.  We discussed the various characteristics of the mammal such as: has hair or fur, gives birth to live babies and feeds their babies with their own milk. 
Joan answered many question about Raven while the children were shown how to pet her and let her smell their hands. 
A huge thank you to Joan and Raven, what a special morning!

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