Friday, December 16, 2011

Second Vertebrate- Fish

This week we began the study of another vertebrate, fish.  This began with reading a story about fish including the characteristics of a fish. 
We also presented fish cards to match.  They loved looking at the different types of fish to see if they had ever seen one like that.  The puffer fish was of interest as there is a tank at the downtown library that contains one.  Many of the children have seen that tank.  (There is also a fish tank at the Hands On Museum- if you go to either place, be sure to check out the fish.)
For a very concrete experience, we brought in a whole fish.  The children were able to see the gills, scales, lateral line, mouth, eyes etc..  This was very exciting for them, some wanted to touch the fish and some wanted only to observe. 
Having this concrete experience was more meaningful when creating a parts of the fish booklet, they had seen the real thing, this was an extension. 
Since we have a fish in our classroom, we decided to clean the tank when the children were present so they could understand how to care for a pet fish.  We had many helpers and they were able to experience giving the fish new, clean water. 
If you have a chance, check out the fish at the supermarket, at the library, Hands On Museum or any other place you may find them. 

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