Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Butterflies (well, not yet...)

 The caterpillars arrived in their plastic jar and began waking up that day.  They started eating the food in the bottom of the jar and set off to grow and grow and grow!
After a few days, several made the girdle and attached themselves to the paper at the top.  The children were able to see how they quickly turned into a chrysalis. 
Unfortunately one fell off and was in the bottom of the jar.  We gently picked him/her up and placed in the bottom of the habitat.  The children were really interested to see how the others stayed attached to the paper when taken out of the jar.  Many children asked me to be careful!
We then pinned the paper inside of the habitat.  Since you never know exactly how long the process will take, we made sure to leave sugar water sprinkled on some flowers at the bottom before leaving for the weekend.  The children will be quite excited to see butterflies next week.  Hopefully they will take the weekend off and decide to emerge during the school day!

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