Saturday, May 11, 2013

Parts of a Flower

Spring has sprung and the flowers (and everything else it seems) has bloomed! 
We study plants and flowers at this time of the year as the children are witnessing this change of season on a daily basis.  We have been planting seeds, beans and potting flowers (Happy Mother's Day) for our special Mothers!  It was time to take a closer look at a flower and see all of the various parts. 
We call this work a flower dissection. 
We take a tulip and very carefully cut the specific pieces off and place them on a black card so they are visible.  We name each part and have the children match the parts of a flower cards to the actual flower pieces. 
We gave a small group lesson on this work and the children were then allowed to complete this independently.  They were also able to complete their own parts of a flower book to take home. 

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