Monday, March 18, 2013

Sifting Flour

Last week the children were able to experience how to sift flour.  We always have a food prep activity on the shelves and this was one of two.  (The other was mashing a potato and eating it!)
We really feel multi-step activities such as this are great for developing concentration and organizational skills.  The child puts on an apron and takes the tray to the table. He then opens the flour container and scoops out some flour into the sifter.  He then squeezes the handle on the sifter and watches it come out of the bottom.  This child completed this activity for quite a while, demonstrating those concentration skills.  He was absorbed.
The last part of an activity like this is to clean up.  This child knows how to use a table brush and removed all of the flour so the table was ready for the next child. 

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