Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pancake Lunch- How to use a knife!

Learning how to use a knife can be tricky!  Even those of us with 11 year olds may find ourselves teaching them again at the dinner table.  To help the children in our classsroom learn how to use a knife, we decided to make a pancake lunch!
 Our daily lunch routine consists of getting the lunch box, setting the table with a plate, fork, knife, spoon and napkin, emptying the contents of the lunch on our plate and eating.  One utensil that is barely used is the knife.  So, on Tuesday, the children had a chance to 1.  spread butter and 2.  cut with that knife. 
First, the child must hold the knife in the dominant hand with the three outside fingers wrapped around, the pointer on top and the thumb wrapped around to meet the other fingers.  This is the same grip as the fork and is very strong.  The child is shown how to steady the pancake with the fork and then use the knife to make a sawing motion. 
The childen enjoyed their pancake lunch and now know the basics for using that knife.  A little extra practice at home and they will be on their way to cutting their own food! 

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