Thursday, October 4, 2012

More afternoon work...

We have begun to study time in the afternoons.  Using our special "Judy" clock, we introduced the concepts of an hour hand, minute hand and gears.  Thus far we have started with "o'clock." 
They decided to make a book and took turns turning the minute hand to go to the next hour. 
They used the stamp to make a sheet and draw in the time.  We stapled these books. 
Next up is "half-past."
Cutting is so popular right now and many of our afternoon children (4-5 year olds) have decided they want to cut out more advanced shapes.  Since we have been studying arthropods (spiders mainly) they wanted to make a black widow. 
It was a challenge to hold the black paper together so it was cut on both sides but they all did it and then made red parts to glue on the spider. 
They also cut out pumpkins, maple leaves and attached hands with a heart in the middle. 

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