Thursday, October 4, 2012

Face Washing

Face Washing
This is a new work we introduced this week.  This is in our practical life area as it teaches the children a practical skill.  Most of the children have asked for a lesson with this work. 
First the child fills up the pitcher with warm water and brings it to the table.  She then pours water into the basin and dips in the washcloth. 
After the face has been moistened, she will then put soap on the washcloth.
Wash. Rinse.  Dry face with white cloth and throw away.
After the usually smiling face is checked in the mirror, the child will empty the water into the bucket under the table.  The bucket is carried into the bathroom and emptied into the sink. 
This not only gives the child a way to become more independent, it helps build the ability to organize as it contains multi-step directions. 

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