Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Bring Me Game

To aid comprehension of various letters and numerals, Dr. Montessori would play a game with children called the "Bring Me" game.  This involves setting up the material in a separate location and then telling the children to "bring me the _____ ."  The child then retrieves the object.  The children are requesting this game on a daily basis lately.  We have given many lessons with our sandpaper numerals so they are familiar with the names.  Because we have played this so much, we decided to let them have a turn being the one who asks for the numerals and the one who brings them back. 
Here the child is playing with two other children.  She has asked for a specific numeral from one child and the other is waiting.
"A seven!"

This is a fun activity to try at home. It can be used with colors, numbers, sounds etc... Just make sure you have told them the name first so it is not frustrating!

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