Thursday, October 27, 2011

Afternooner's Lunch

We had read "Pancakes, Pancakes!" by Eric Carle on Tuesday afternoon and thought that sounded pretty good.  So, today our extended day children, aka "afternooners" along with a child staying for lunch made pancakes! 
First we made the batter!
We set the table together which included a plate, fork, knife, napkin and glass.  The children were able to serve themselves apples, cheese, water and pour their own syrup. 
We then gave a lesson on cutting food with a fork and knife! 

This was a very fun day, the children and adults seemed to enjoy all of the food! 

We also made very funny masks to surprise the morning children with tomorrow.  No scary Halloween masks here!  We used pictures from magazines to make various eyes and mouth masks.  We then pasted on poster board and put on a popsicle stick.  We were all laughing pretty hard at some of the silly masks! 

The afternooners also made cinnamon-squash muffins for snack tomorrow, it was a very busy day!

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