Friday, February 15, 2013


Our last week of Antarctia study came to a close today.  All week long the children have been exploring the idea of a frozen surface and some of the animals that live on or near Antarctica. 
The grand finale to our study was when one of our fabulous Grandmothers (THANK YOU NANA!) came to tell us about her recent trip to this cold and frozen continent!  We learned about who lives in Antarctica.  We learned about scientists studying climate change.  We learned about how to travel to Antarctica.  We learned about the "penguin highway." 
 The talk was not all about penguins, other animals live there too!  Susan told us about the zodiac boats they would take to go see whales too!  We learned about how penguins waddle and some slide on their bellies.  They often walk in lines and push each other into the water.  They also leap out of the water to come back on land!
 Susan passed out many pictures of her trip.  One included the inside of a penguin's mouth.  It looks like there are teeth on this one's tongue!  We learned how the penguins eat krill and bring food back to their mate and baby chick. 
The children learned so much about Antarctica today! 
Again, thank you to Susan for coming to visit and tell us about Antarctica!

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