Friday, September 28, 2012


Do you open your child's backpack on Friday afternoon and wonder why there are so many envelopes filled with little tiny snips of paper?  Well, this is cutting work!  So many children are working on this skill right now that there is hardly a time in the morning when the scissors are available!  We have scissors and cutting strips available and also different shapes for more advanced cutters.  This pair of scissors is actually a beginning pair that is really easy to use for children who have a hard time mastering the standard child-sized pair.  They are called My First Scissors by Faber-Castell.  In our lesson on cutting we show the child how to put their thumb on top and the other fingers on the bottom.  Holding the paper in the opposite hand, you place it inside the blade and push down with the thumb.  Voila!  They spring open once you let go and your cut paper falls to the table.  The children love to fill up their envelopes to take home.  Many children comment that these will be presents to their parents!  Enjoy the snips!

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